Church is Open and Everyone is Welcome!

We are meeting in-person indoors for Sunday services. On Sunday mornings at 10 am, we begin with "growth groups" Bible classes for adults, teens, and children. We come together at 11 am for special music and a message from the Pastor.  Families or households will sit together, while being socially-distanced (sitting two metres apart from other households).

Following the lunch break, we are taking a "Journey through the New Testament" with responsive Scripture reading and singing at 1 pm on Sunday.   People should not attend the in-person services if they have been experiencing covid symptoms.  

We record our Sunday morning service and adult Bible class, and broadcast them on YouTube and Facebook the following Sunday at 10 am (adult Bible class), and at 11 am (morning service).  For those teens not able to join in-person, teenagers can also join the youth Bible class and participate via Zoom at 10 am on Sundays.

We conduct a Zoom prayer meeting on Tuesday evenings just for ladies.  We also have in-person Bible studies on Thursday evenings (held at another location).  Contact us for more information.

We are also continuing to live stream our "conversation with a missionary" about twice a month on Monday evenings.  People have been enjoying these other meetings so much, and we believe they are important and needed!

Our services and classes can be watched on our YouTube channel and Facebook page: