Church is Open!

We are meeting in-person indoors for Sunday services. On Sunday mornings at 10 am, we begin with "growth groups" Bible classes for adults, teens, and children. We come together at 11 am for special music and a message from the Pastor.  Families or households will sit together, while being socially-distanced (sitting two metres apart from other households).

Following the lunch break, we are taking a "Journey through the New Testament" with responsive Scripture reading and singing at 1 pm on Sunday.   People should not attend the in-person services if they have been experiencing covid symptoms.  

We record our Sunday morning service and adult Bible class, and broadcast them on YouTube and Facebook the following Sunday at 10 am (adult Bible class), and at 11 am (morning service).  For those teens not able to join in-person, teenagers can also join the youth Bible class and participate via Zoom at 10 am on Sundays.

We conduct a Zoom prayer meeting on Tuesday evenings just for ladies.  We also have in-person Bible studies on Thursday evenings (held at another location).  Contact us for more information.

We are also continuing to live stream our "conversation with a missionary" about twice a month on Monday evenings.  People have been enjoying these other meetings so much, and we believe they are important and needed!

Our services and classes can be watched on our YouTube channel and Facebook page:

Regular updates and a schedule of weekly meetings is found on our church Facebook page.

Procedures and Regulations for Re-Opening for Church Services: 

A. Reasons to stay home and watch the services of our church that we are able to post online:

Those with serious health problems (and who might be at greater risk) should not attend public services.  Those with serious respiratory problems (and who might be at greater risk) should not attend public services.  Those who are experiencing any of the following symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, severe sneezing), should not attend public services.  Those who have travelled internationally in the last 14 days should not attend public services. Those who have had close contact in the past 14 days with someone who was confirmed to have Covid-19 should not attend public services and are prohibited by law from doing so.

B. Observing physical distancing and managing the risk:

People must avoid hand-shaking, hugging, or any physical contact with others. People should seek to keep a two-metre distance with people not in their own family. People should wash their hands with soap and hot water before attending services. Upon entering the building and during services, people should use the hand sanitizing stations that will be setup throughout the building. 

It may be necessary/required for us to have someone posted at the entrance to ask people very basic screening questions and to take people’s temperature with an infrared thermometer.  We sure would not do this to offend anyone, but it may be something that we are required to do for a little while to ensure people’s safety.

Depending on weather, temperature, humidity, and noise – doors of the auditorium could possibly be opened during the public services to allow for more fresh air flow.

Seating in the public services will be set up to practice physical distancing.  Immediate family members or those living together should be seated together in the auditorium.  Seating will be spaced out throughout the auditorium to allow for physical distancing.  Seating may even be designated for specific families or individuals, and there will be seating areas designated for visitors and first-time guests.  Please respect and follow that. 

Some aspects of the public services may be conducted differently than before, to help decrease the risk of spreading germs. Offerings will not be collected with the passing of offering plates.  Instead, there will be a box designated where people can deposit their envelopes or loose offerings.  For those that are willing and able to, we encourage you to continue giving online by Interac e-transfer to this email address:

There will not be hand-shaking times in our services, and people are asked to respect the fact that some people may be more cautious or concerned than others.  We will all seek to be kind and respectful of the personal feelings of people that seem more cautious or even less concerned than you personally may be.  Therefore, together, we will practice physical distancing and all reasonable safety measures to help limit the risk.

People are recommended to wear masks, but they are not required to if their health condition or conscience does not allow them to do so.  We will have some clean masks available for those who want to wear one but forget to bring their own.

Sanitizing and cleaning of the building will take place before and after every service.  Bathrooms will also be sanitized multiple times during the services. People should seek to follow good hygiene practices and proper respiratory etiquette at all times.  This includes things such as coughing or sneezing into the elbow or a tissue, discarding tissues into a lined garbage can, and washing hands afterwards.

There will not be a nursery at the present time.  Parents with infants will need to keep their child with them. Families or households will attend together and sit together for any services or meetings.  Any Bible classes, activities, or meetings, that we are able to conduct, will also observe the same efforts of maintaining physical distancing.

The Pastor must be notified immediately if anyone in your family attended any public service or activity or meeting of the church, and then tested positive for Covid-19 within the next 14 days. If we learn there was any potential or known exposure to Covid-19 at a particular meeting, those who attended will be notified right away.