Gospel Light Baptist Church is committed to the Great Commission both at home and around the world.  Our church supports missionaries around the world through faith-promise giving.  Below is a list of the missionaries we currently support.

Pray for our Missionaries

Manuel Navarro - Montreal, Quebec

Mike Sullivant - Thailand

Stewart Schepers - Dominican Republic 

Benjamin Riemer - Liberia

Dan Dinsmore - Belize

Marco Paulichen - Uruguay

Will Klassen - Mexico

Ed Johnson - Brazil

Bearing Precious Seed - Canada Gospel Project - Scripture Printing Ministry

Guillaume Roy - St. Augustin, Quebec

Nehemiah Project - Helping Churches in Canada

North Country Baptist Children’s Home - Cambodia

Todd Caudle - Cornwall, Ontario

Darren Dinsmore - Goose Bay, Labrador

Andrew Steers - Australia

Angel Lopez – Guatemala 

Brian George - Argentina

Brian Hebert - Toronto, Ontario

Chris Yetzer - Italy

Daniel Wilder - Guatemala

Dennis Lagos - the Philippines

Elias Correa - the World - Scripture distribution

Garry Tingson - Australia

Ghana Missions Team

Thailand Missions Team

James Belisle - World-wide Missionary Evangelism

Jerry Wyatt III - Tanzania

Joe Elwell - Church Planting in America

Jonathan Bryan - Mexico

Justin Williams - England

Kounaro Keo - Cambodia

Mark Holmes - Nigeria

Mark Palmani - the Philippines

Mike Morrissey - the Philippines

Nathan Goodpaster - the Philippines

Paul Sock - Poland

Peter Morris - Kenya

Robert Wilson - Mexico

Xavier Lopex - Bolivia

Biz Lerisse - Dominican Republic and Haiti

Mike Cox - World-wide Ministry

Robert Tully - Brazil

*other missionaries in restricted countries - Cuba, China, Turkey, Israel


How can you pray for and intercede for our missionaries?

Pray for their provisions.

II Corinthians 1:11

Pray for their needs to be met – both ministry needs and family needs.

Pray for their protection.

II Thessalonians 3:2

Pray for them to have God’s power as they do the work of the Lord.

II Thessalonians 3:1

Pray for personnel.

Matthew 9:35-38

Pray for more labourers to be willing to serve in the ministry.